TONZU Organic Vegetarian Sausages
(Biogro Certified)

Our TONZU Sausages have been created as a tasty, healthy alternative to meat sausages - Whether you are a vegetarian, or simply looking for ways to reduce your weekly meat consumption, our TONZU Organic Sausages are a great option.

A labour of love - We spent two years searching for the right organic ingredients, bringing these together in a recipe that serves you the best textured and flavoured TONZU Organic Sausage, without compromising nutritional integrity. We believe we have created the best possible, TRULY healthy vegetarian sausage!

Our TONZU Sausages are best pan-fried or barbequed. Cook on a medium heat for 10 minutes until golden brown. They are also great grilled or baked and can even be boiled to keep them extra healthy – Add them to stews, and casseroles, or even a simple ‘bangers and mash’ dish


Certified Organic Ingredients: Soya beans, filtered water, sunflower oil, oats, onions, garlic, cocoa, sea salt, rice flour, carrots, celery, herbs and spices, yeast extract*

*organic when available

Nutritional Information

Energy 475kJ 950kJ
Protein 6.6g 13.2g
Fat TOTAL 7.45g 14.9g
Fat saturated Less than 1g 1.9g
Trans fat NIL NIL
Cholesterol NIL NIL
Carbohydrate TOTAL 4.7g 9.4g
Sugars Less than 1g Less than 1g
Sodium 405mg 810mg
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